Waco: Ribbon-cutting ceremony held at new Advocacy Center facility

(Photo by John Carroll)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Hundreds attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house Thursday at the new home of the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and children in Waco.

Their 17,000-square-foot building at the corner of MacArthur Drive and Hillcrest Drive is more than double the size of the center’s old building, giving the 28-member staff some elbow room.

Crimes Against Children’s detectives used to have to share a cramped 800-square-foot facility.

Now the department has more than 4,000 square feet and a dedicated interrogation room.

The medical examination room was so small, if a child was in a wheelchair there was barely enough room for the doctor.

Now there’s enough space for any patient, the doctor and a parent with room to spare.

The new facility also has two waiting rooms and multiple therapy rooms.

The center serves six counties and all of the services are free.