Waco: City listed as a top mid -size city for recent college grads

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Onlinedegrees.com recently published an article listing Waco as the fourth best mid-size city for recent college grads.

Dylan Washington is a recent Baylor graduate, and owner of Pinewood Coffee Roasters.

He says there are more reasons to live in Waco than onlinedegrees.com can list.

His opinion is much the same as that of Kris Collins, vice president for economic development at the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce.

They both believe Waco provides a better opportunity for recent graduates to make an impact on the community.

“You have the ability to be involved, and meet with community leaders, and have a voice, whereas in Dallas or Austin you are more likely to be just another number,” says Collins.

Washington says, “millennials like community, and Waco is a place rich in community. People really believe in young people here, and that’s something I feel like you never find anywhere. There is no picking order in Waco.”

He says, he always thought he would leave Waco. Even from the time he was in high school, but the feeling of community, and a relatively inexpensive real-estate market were reasons enough for the twenty-five year old to plant his roots, and start a business.

“With all the small businesses here people just realized there's a real spirit to Waco, and it really means something to be a Wacoan.”

Collins believes there is equal opportunity for the entrepreneur, and for those joining the workforce.

Her optimism for Waco’s future growth resides in the growing health care, aerospace, and manufacturing industries in Waco.

"If you need land we've got land, if you need talent we've got talent," says Collins.

She’s persuaded Waco has plenty to offer to provide recent college graduates a successful, and comfortable lifestyle.

According to Collins, someone in Waco who makes $35,000 a year has the same purchasing power as someone in the Dallas or Austin market making $45,000 a year.