Local officer lends a helping hand to pregnant woman, young child

WACO, Texas (KWTX) Officer Dennis Lopez with the Waco Police Department was on duty when he saw a woman and her child struggling while walking down Franklin Avenue.

“You know Texas weather, that day it just happened to be hot,” said Lopez. “I could tell immediately that they had been walking for a while, and their faces were red and they were sweating. I just did a U-turn and approached them and asked if they would allow me to give them a ride.”

Kassidey Perez and her 5-year-old daughter Sheaylynn were walking from their home on Bosque Blvd. to Peter Piper Pizza where Perez’s husband works, and had the family’s only vehicle. Perez says because she is six months pregnant she felt like she needed the exercise, but on a hot day both she and her daughter, who has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, began to get tired.

“(It) was just spur of the moment, and he just pulled over and he saw her face, and saw she was beet red and everything,” said Perez of her daughter. “He was just like come on come on I insist. I was just like okay.”

On top of giving the two a ride, after they arrived at the restaurant, Officer Lopez gave Shaelynn five dollars to purchase tokens for games.

“I normally have a toy in my back pack, but I had just gotten rid of my last one,” said Lopez. “I realized I had five dollars in my wallet, so I figured she could have something to do while she waited for her dad to get off.”

Perez documented this moment on Facebook, and over the weekend the post gained over 2,000 reactions and 400 hundred shares. She wanted to share a positive message about police and the job they do in the community. Officer Lopez didn’t even know she took the picture and says while he doesn't want any praise, he likes seeing that people find the post uplifting.

“I mean I like the positivity that it's brought out," said Lopez. "And you know, shed some light on our officers that we genuinely do care, and our job is just not to take bad guys to jail. So I do like that aspect of it.”

“He's got such a big heart, and I don’t know if he wanted to be recognized, but I’m grateful that he came along when he did,” said Perez.