Waco: Public housing units to be converted to Section 8

Kate Ross Apartments

Waco, Texas The Kate Ross, South Terrace and Estella Maxey apartments have been a part of public housing for more than 80 years and the Waco Housing Authority says it is time for a change.

"We are looking at trying to make things more modern, more accessible and trying to plan what the needs are for the future," Waco Housing Authority CEO Milet Hopping said.

Section 8 allows for low-income families to apply and choose private rental housing options.

The project would provide families with better living conditions and homes with up-to-date amenities

"So we have things that we didn't have then there's not as much storage space as you would find in most apartments nowadays, Hopping said.

"Our heat and central air are all there but our washers and dryers that’s something that when these properties were built that wasn't something that was required."

If the process is approved by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Waco Housing Authority will serve as the landlord.

"We would be able to do more one on one we could do more of that kind of evaluation process on our own," Hopping said.

Hopping said they would do the construction in phases.

She hopes this project will help residents take more pride in where they live.

"It's no secret that how you live, where you live and why you choose to live there can impact a neighborhood. It brings dollars to a neighborhood, Hopping said.

Hopping said this application process will take over a year but she hopes when it is complete, people will be happy with the changes.

“So we're hoping we impact Waco in a positive way and that we also address the needs of the vulnerable for a long time," Hopping said.