Whitney: City outsources grass cutting services to goats

Photos courtesy: Chief Christopher Bentley
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WHITNEY, Texas (KWTX) A Central Texas city has outsourced grass cutting services to dozens of goats.

According to Whitney Police Chief Chris Bentley, the city had few options for trimming the overgrown grass along a creek on the south side of the town and flows into Lake Whitney.

The area is in the FEMA floodplain and Bentley said that mean they can’t put power equipment down there because it might change the plain.

One of the few options was left was to send a person down there with hand tools.

But during a conference Bentley was told of goats and reached out to Rent-A-Ruminant.

The city contracted services to the company and they brought between 75-100 goats and fenced off an area for them to eat to their hearts content.

The goats should be done by July 4.

The city of Waco also called in the goat to help with an overgrown area near Cameron Park in May.