Waco: World-record holder runs Miracle Match Marathon

Photo By: Chelsea Edwards
Photo By: Chelsea Edwards(KWTX)
Published: Jan. 29, 2018 at 6:39 AM CST
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The Miracle Match Marathon continued its weekend of ongoing festivities Sunday morning with a 10K, and ultra, half and full marathons.

One of the participants was 50 year-old Angela Tortorice, the 2013 Guinness World Record Holder for the Most Marathons in a Calendar Year.

Angela is a full-time accountant who has to date run over 660 marathons.

What powers her dedication to juggling work with traveling across the country to race?

"The friendships made along the way," she says.

She also credits her achievements to a flexible work schedule and a company that encourages its employees to be active.

Tortorice hopes to pass on that encouragement to others.

"I'm always pushing people to run marathons," she says.

"Anybody, if they put the time in, can do it. Start out with three miles a day, and then work up to a half and then a full."

Tortorice says her journey started 24 years ago with running a single mile.

After building up to a few more miles a day, she was hooked.

She also has a healthy addiction to Waco's Miracle Match Marathon which benefits the National Marrow Donor Program and registers potential donors for life-saving marrow and stem cell transplants for those in need.

"They do such a great job," she says. "Even if I'm injured, I come and volunteer."

The Waco course has been nicknamed "The Toughest in Texas" for it's hilly terrain.

With all her years of experience, Tortorice still finds it challenging but uses the Central Texas scenery to power through it.

"I focus on the nature and the beautiful homes," she explains.

She also can't wait to greet the friends waiting for her at the finish line.

As soon as she crosses, she gets wrapped into a huge hug from race director Nancy Goodnight and pulled into laughing with friends who have been waiting for hours to hear the details of her latest journey.

Tortorice says she currently has no aspirations to try for another world record but plans to keep up her pace of at least fifty marathons a year and eventually compete in another Ironman competition.