Behind the scenes at Texas A&M's Game of Thrones archives

Published: Apr. 12, 2019 at 9:04 AM CDT
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There are only six more episodes of Game of Thrones, but the stories and so much more will live on at Texas A&M's Cushing Library.

Texas A&M University is home to the official archives of author George R.R. Martin, and he's had a very busy career.

"He's an important writer. He's a significant writer. He's not just a popular author, but what he writes is actually important for the genre, so I think it's a privilege for us to have it," said Jeremy Brett, curator of the science fiction and fantasy collection at the Cushing Library.

That title means Brett oversees everything Martin has handed over since 1993.

The most requested items for patrons to see? The swords. The library hosts a collection including John's Longclaw, Joffrey's Widow's Wail, Brienne's Oathkeeper, and Arya's Needle. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

"These boxes are all Martin's manuscripts and correspondence, and screenplays that he's written," said Brett.

Martin sends about a box or two of stuff every month, unlike most authors who send that much every year or two. You can find Martin's books published in just about every language. The collection at Cushing includes one of the original copies of the first Game of Thrones book, and even an original pilot for the show that was shot, but never made the light of day.

Buried in the thousands and thousands of pages are several particularly interesting drafts, alongside one of Martin's hats.

"This is an example of, as I said before, the thing that people love, this is the thing that became that," said Brett.

Even though we're close to saying goodbye to the Game of Thrones characters on our TVs, all you have to do to take a trip through Martin's Westeros is make an appointment at the library.