2-A-DAYS: Chilton Pirates

CHILTON, Texas (KWTX) Even though the Chilton Pirates had just one victory last season, they still made the playoffs because of another team having an even more disappointing season in district 13-2A Division II.

Chilton's lone win came against the Bartlett Bulldogs, who went 0-10 and was the only program from the five-team district to not make the playoffs.

The Pirates earned the No. 4 seed but lost to Burton in the first round.

"I'm a former player from here in Chilton. I graduated in 2003. I just want to see us get back to our winning form," second-year head coach Chris James said. "We lost a lot of seniors last year. We have a lot of young guys stepping into these roles. I'm excited about everybody getting out there and being a piece of the puzzle to taking care of their part of the job."

Historically, the Pirates have won a couple of state championships. Their most recent one in 2006 came at the end of a stretch of six seasons with double-digit victory numbers.

"Anytime you go in with Bremond, Iola, even Granger, Bartlett has history winning in the past, anybody can take it at any time, whoever shows up on Friday nights," James said. "With that in mind, we just come out and work every day and once the game kicks off, it's just whoever has the better preparation and shape at the time."

Four of Chilton's first five games are on the road, with the season opener at Cushing.