2-A-DAYS: Vanguard Vikings

WACO, Texas (KWTX) The Vanguard Vikings who went 4 -1 in district play and came in second to Veritas academy.

The Vikings are also under a new head coach this year in Luke Pilant. The 25-year-old has risen through the coaching ranks at Vanguard after starting there as an assistant at 19. So it's safe to say that he is familiar with the program.

Pilant isn't making any drastic changes, but he is asking for something very simple. Pilant wants his players to compete.

If his players start with that, he believes the talent and speed he has on this roster will start to shine through.

“Our main thing is compete,” said Pilant. “We use that a lot. It’s on the wristbands we had made. Compete is pretty universal. Look, we are going to compete no matter what we do. We are going to compete in the classroom. We are going to compete at home. We are going to compete if we have jobs. We are going to compete out here and that’s kind of the main word we us is just compete.”

Vanguard will start competition against Live Oak Classical on August 30th.