BSR hosting international surfing aerial competition

BELLMEAD, Texas BSR Cable Park and Stab High have teamed up to bring an elite surfing aerial competition to the Waco area this weekend. This event is all about the big air and the tricks the surfers can do after launching themselves off of the waves.

It's an elite field, the best aerial surfers in the world will be at BSR to compete Saturday afternoon. The competition should run about 5 hours as compared to days in the ocean because those conditions can be unpredictable. The surfers love having this competition at BSR because every wave is the same and it comes down to talent and tricks.

Surfers will be judged on how well they perform the tricks and if they land them cleanly. "This is like strictly aerial contests so as high as you can get and then you start talking about different grabs there's flip variations board variations so that's, there's a lot going on there's a lot of moving parts it's not like your typical top two scores ride it to the beach certain amount of turns it's strictly going to the sky, how high you get," says surf judge Brett Simpson.