Bailey and Horne lead Mart in bid for another title

MART, Texas The Mart Panthers play for another state championship in Arlington and they've gotten there largely on the strength of the running game thanks to Shatydrick Bailey and Tyrek Horne.

Shatydrick is a little stick of dynamite."

"I really don't want it to end. I wish I had one more year, but time flies by fast."

So does he. At 5-feet 3-inches tall, Shatydrick Bailey has proven for four years it's a bad idea to overlook him.

"When he gets the ball or when he's on defense, he's mean, he's nasty and he plays physical. He pushes the boundaries and he plays right up to the edge."

The senior has already set career-highs in rushing yards and touchdowns, all while doing it alongside another senior -- Tyrek Horne, who is responsible for 21-hundred yards and 35 touchdowns himself. But they both want to help Mart make history.

"A lot of past teams came through here were really good. They had a chance to, but never pulled it off. We probably could pull it off and become the first team in Mart history to go back-to-back."