Baylor Athletics to unveil "United: Baylor x Nike Experience" on Saturday

WACO, Texas (KWTX) For a long time Baylor Athletics has had an interesting problem when it comes to their colors and branding, nothing matches. Baylor football stays with the traditional green and gold as primary or accent colors. Baylor baseball for many years has gone the way of the Oakland Athletics with green and yellow. Since 2012 Baylor men’s basketball has gone with green and neon.

“We have currently five different greens and three different golds that we have across all of our sports,” said Jovan Overshown, Senior Associate Athletic Director in charge of Branding and Engagement. “I don’t even think we all realized that until after we went through this process.”

Realizing this problem Baylor Athletics decided to unify the Baylor brand. On Saturday at McLane stadium they will unveil their “United: Baylor x Nike Experience”. A two year process and partnership with Nike to introduce similar colors and logos across all sports at Baylor.

“We really hope that this is something that withstands the test of time,” said Overshown. “That this is not something that is just for this year and then we move past it when the next administration comes in. We really hope that this is something that will last and people be excited about.”

This is a part of the Nike tier one deal that Baylor signed back in 2013 that saw new and improved uniforms come to Baylor football. Nike will only do a project of this size with three to four schools annually. Baylor was honored by that selection but feel like they belong in that elite company.

“We want to be an iconic brand,” said Overshown. “Even those iconic brands go through a natural evolution. We want to be one of those names, those logos that are synonymous and consistent with being elite.”

Nike sat down with Baylor alumni, donors, student athletes, and coaches to get their ideas. What they came up with will be unveiled on Saturday, but it was hinted that changes will be made to the overall color pallet, and official secondary logo will be added. Also slight changes will be made to the primary Baylor logo, the interlocking BU. Don’t worry Baylor fans, the BU isn't going away.

“There is a lot of equity in that mark,” said Overshown. “There is some tradition that goes along with that. That mark has been around for over 50 years for athletics specifically so we definitely respect that as part of the Baylor identity, but there might be a little tweak to that as well.”