California here she comes: Garcia bound for the U.S. Girls' Junior Championship

Belton High School Senior Julia Garcia just seems to have a knack for the game of golf.

"She's very athletic and she's very competitive. She loves to win, loves to compete and so that's something that's served her well in her ability to golf. She's able just to go out there and compete and be athletic and have fun," said Julia's coach and Wildflower County Club Head Pro Brad Belson.

Julia didn't start playing golf seriously until the seventh grade, and now, after a little more than four years, of playing she'll head out to California to compete in the U.S. Girls' Junior Championship

"It's such a big opportunity. The biggest level that I've reached since this tournament was probably State last year and there's a lot of really great girls in this state, so to be able to go a step above that is just great," said Julia

Julia will tee off at Poppy Hills Golf Course at Pebble Beach next Monday, and she credits her success to hard work and a strong support system.

"I have a lot of really great people around me. My coach is great, my parents are great, I just feel like I have a pretty good work ethic and all those things came together really well, and so that's what's really helped me succeed."

The rising senior will continue to work on her game this year and plans to play golf at Dallas Baptist when she graduates. And as far as next week' is concerned, she's looking forward to seeing what the tournament has to offer.

"I'm hoping to make some more friends and to really enjoy this golf course I'm about to go take on and to just enjoy the whole experience," said Garcia.