Classroom Champions: Rosebud-Lott's Ty Stock

LOTT, Texas (KWTX) Rosebud-Lott senior Ty Stock has already planned for his future. He wants to go to college and run cross country. By sitting at number five in his class and qualifying for state in cross country all four years of high school, Ty is well on his way to accomplishing his goals.

“Whenever I got to high school I finally learned what cross country was and I was doing every other sport so I might as well try it,” said Stock.
“And I ended up really enjoying it and just stuck with it.”

But when ty says every other sport, he isn’t using hyperbole. In addition to cross country, ty has been all named all district in football, basketball, and baseball. He also is the district champion in track in the 1600 and 3200.
Roger Hoelscher, Ty's cross country and basketball coach, has seen the competitive drive in Ty all through high school

“(He has) an eagerness to compete and to be there on a daily basis and he enjoys it,” said Hoelscher.

In addition to sports Ty also competes in UIL Academics, Ag Mechanics, and is a part of Veteran’s Home Assistance with the SPJST. But above all of that, he has started a grass roots movement, to bring the mullet back.

“It started out as a joke between me and my friends, like ‘we're going to bring back the mullet,’” said Stock. “But a lot of people are doing it. We are bringing it back.”