Classroom Champions: Clifton's Sydney Harris

CLIFTON, Texas "I've always wanted to be top of my class on top of everything. I'm just competitive I guess. I just expect yourself to be the best I can be which is number one here."

Clifton senior Sydney Harris relishes hard work. So much so that when she tore her ACL during basketball season her sophomore year, she enjoyed the rehab.

"It was terrible at first but once I dealt with it, i looked forward to therapy and did want it to end actually."

And all of her hard work has paid off so far. Sydney is number one in her class, and has been all four years of high school. She was first team all-district in basketball last year, and is well on her way to being named all district this year, leading Clifton in scoring. She was able to letter in golf last year and make it to regionals after never having played golf in high school.

"Playing sports and academics is hard work. Everything is if you're going to stay top of your class. If you're going to be good on the basketball court, good playing golf you just have to work hard. You just have to stay with it and you can't give up when it gets hard."

Sydney is sure to take that attitude to Texas A&M where she will be studying to become a veterinarian. a goal that she has had since she was a child. and one that the staff of Clifton high school has no doubt she will accomplish.

" I think she is a student that goes beyond the expectations. She's always striving to do better. In dual credit, in her classes, and it even transfers over to athletics. Being in the office, being helpful. She just always wants to take that extra step and puts in the effort to get there."

In Clifton, Royden Ogletree, KWTX News 10 Sports.