Classroom Champions: Abbott's Matthew Urbanovsky

Abbot Senior Matthew Urbanovsky certainly knows how to keep himself busy.

"I play football, baseball, basketball, track and tennis"

And Matthew has excelled to say the least. He's all-district in basketball, and an all-region fullback and linebacker for the Panthers football team. In addition, he was the district MVP for the baseball team, and to top it all off, he's been part of state championship teams on both the diamond and the gridiron

"It's really rewarding because I go into athletics every day just giving it everything that I've got, and I work really hard and try to improve my game," said Urbanovsky.

And his baseball and basketball coach Kyle Crawford is glad to have him.

"He's just a great hardworking young man. We talk about surrounding ourselves with elite people and competitive-minded people in our program and Matthew definitely fits into that mold."

With a school as small as 1A Abbott, things are going to be tight knit, and Matthew makes it a point to be a role model for those at AHS who look up to him, and it shows.

"He sets a great example, especially in a school like Abbott, where our athletes are so visible. And not just to fellow high-schoolers, but all the way down to kindergarten," said Crawford.

It just comes naturally for Matthew.

"I try to go out of my way to talk to them, and play with them when I can. Or just have a little conversation with them."

After graduation, Matthew, who's sporting a 3.86 GPA, wants to go play baseball collegiately. After that wraps up, he wants to move into the physical therapy field, which strikes those around him as a natural fit.

"There will be a lot things these people are trying to overcome," said Abbott Social Studies Karen Bearden. "I think with his positive attitude and his demeanor, he could help them reach beyond the limits they think they have."