Classroom Champions: Academy's Aubrey Fossett

LITTLE RIVER ACADEMY, Texas (KWTX) It's safe to say Academy head volleyball coach Elena Queen's team likes to have fun, but when the competition heats up, one player stands out.

Aubrey Fossett is a first-team all-district performer on the court but also ranks first in her class at Academy. Coach Queen is amazed by the growth and consistency she's seen from Aubrey throughout high school.

"She's extremely thorough and diligent," Queen said. "She's literally an assistant to me. She keeps me kind of on track, which is really, really helpful. It's just been a blessing."

Aubrey thrives on competition. Not just in volleyball, basketball and track, but also in the classroom, pushing herself to hold the number one ranking since her freshman year. But sports provide a healthy outlet."

"I love being with my team," Fossett said. "We have so much fun together all the time, whether we're on or off the court. And then, I really enjoy competing in everything I do. Whether it be on the court or off the court, I want to win and sports allow me to do that."

Competing for that number one ranking has earned her an acceptance to UMHB, where she hopes to become a nurse.

"I want to help people, and I like specifically working with kids," Fossett said. "I want to help kids become healthier and get better."

Coach Queen has already seen Aubrey's ability to connect with children, volunteering to coach every year at a volleyball camp.

"She's been a big part of the growth," Queen said. "She's coached a lot of girls that are playing now when they were in fourth and fifth and sixth grade. So that's pretty phenomenal."