Classroom Champions: Bosqueville's Dalton Zander

Football, baseball, basketball, tennis, track, and powerlifting. Do the math, and that's a lot of time Bosqueville senior Dalton Zander spends at his high school. But if he had to pick one, he'd go with football. And his choice makes a lot sense.

"Being able to be physical in sports. That's something that gets me in trouble in basketball."

He's admits to being the best bet to foul out of a basketball game. But maybe he wants more time to give himself a mental high-five for achieving a class rank of five and an acceptance into Stephen F. Austin University -- the alma mater of his mom and dad. The latter coincidentally is Bosqueville's head football coach.

"He was blessed with some good genes. His mom was really smart. I was pretty good in math. He got the best of both worlds and he's definitely taking advantage of it," said the elder Zander.

"Being able to spend time with your dad and have him being able to coach you is an amazing experience," said Dalton.

National Honor Society. FFA. Volunteering. Dalton has a lot of memories. But there was one with his dad after their final game together that they'll never forget.

We were playing Crawford. I got some coaches over there that I'm friends and stuff. One of them sent me a picture of us hugging. That's one that will stick with me. It's special and I cry a lot anyway but you grow attached to any kid that you coach for a long time, but when it's your kid, it's even more special," said Clint.