Classroom Champions: Bremond's Eric Wilganowski

Bremond Senior Eric Wilganowski is a busy kid. Whether he's working hard in his dual-credit courses, his Ag Science Class, or as an all-state linebacker on the football field, Eric does it all.

"Before I had him in class, I knew he was a great athlete, and then I had him in class and realized he's really smart. And then he became part of my student council and I realized he was a really great kid," said Bremond Science Teacher Leah Feist.

Eric is president of student council along with NHS, and is in line to be class valedictorian. He's also played golf, baseball and helped the Bremond Football Team accomplish big things.

"I'll really miss him. He's been great for us. Three state championships, he's been with us for all of them, so he's a big deal with us," said Bremond coach Donald Morgan.

But one of the most admirable things about Eric, is the way he relates to people. Whether it's kids in the class of 2018 or the class of 2032, Eric is a friend to all.

"I kind of know when kids are feeling bad, and even with the little kids, I just try to be friends with them so that way they feel like they have a friend. I want to make sure everybody has a friend and everybody has someone they can talk to," said Wilganowski.

Once he's done at Bremond, Eric will head down the road to Texas A&M, where he plans to major in Agricultural Economics and wants to pursue a career in Real Estate.

"He's got a great plan for how he wants to make it work for him to achieve his goals, so I don't have a doubt in my mind that he'll achieve what he sets himself up to do," said Bremond Agricultural Science Teacher Troy Mitchell.