Classroom Champions: Cameron Yoe's Bryce Brashear

Bryce Brashear's football career came to an end with the Yoemen's loss in the first round of the playoffs. But the hard work in the classroom doesn't stop for the future Texas State physical therapy student.

The senior class secretary not only has perfect attendance at Yoe High School, but he's ranked fifth in his class and is a member of the National Honor Society, something he's scary good at.

"We have to have hours -- volunteer hours -- every year for NHS. I go volunteer for the Crime Stoppers Haunted House every year, and this year I was a monster. Scaring people."

Bryce's hard work hasn't gone unnoticed by his teachers.

"I have Bryce in my anatomy class and he's a very maticulous kid," said Yoe High School Teacher John Marek. "He's not one to rush and he'll take time to make sure everything is right. He goes back over everything a couple times and is very thorough in every thing in the classroom and on the field for us."

The FCA leadership team member is also a member of the track team, and his best sport is baseball. Coaching isn't off the resume either, teaching 6 to 8 year old kids in flag football. He's certainly got the admiration of Yoe's head football coach (and his second cousin), Tommy Brashear.

"His hard work, the way he gets after it and he's not a complainer. He's not going to whine about anything and he's going to give you his all. Whether it's hot, whether it's cold, whether it's hard, or whether it's easy. Whether you're in the weight room, baseball field or football field, you can depend on him to give you everything he's got.

And as he looks ahead to college, Bryce will always have a place in his heart for Cameron, Texas.

Yoe High School has been very fun. I know people say high school is the best time of your life. Memories, going to class every day, laughing with your friends. That's what I'll remember most.