Classroom Champions: China Spring's Abbie Snyder

China Spring senior Abbie Snyder may not be large in stature, but don't let that fool you, she's still a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court.

"What makes her unique is probably her size and her tenacity, she's got the heart of a lion and the body of Tinkerbell," said her coach, Kristi Mize.

"Shooting a three point shot is what I'm most known for," said Abbie. "So being able to shoot far out, they just look at you and they're like, 'You can't shoot that far' and so they just sit back and I'm like 'Oh, I'll just shoot right in your face.'"

The shooting guard has garnered all-district honors for a her play on the hardwood, but is also a standout in the classroom. The NHS and student council member is currently in line to be class valedictorian.

"I wish that I had probably 150 Abbies, she's very very special. She, academically, is at the top of her class, she participates in class, and she's always prepared," said math teacher Cheryl McDuff.

And when Abbie's not on the court or working in the classroom, she's spending time with a group that's very near and dear to her. Her family.

"I involve everything around them. Just all my events, I try to spend the most time with them that I can."

After she's done at China Spring, Abbie plans to attend either Stephen F. Austin or Abilene Christian, and wants to be a speech pathologist.

"I've wanted to be this since before I can even remember, because that's what my mom does. So I've been in the clinics with her and I like watching her interact with the kids and playing with them myself. So I just love being around kids, and I know a lot about it."