Classroom Champions: China Spring's Bryce Girard

CHINA SPRING, TX (KWTX) Entering his freshman year at China Spring High School, Bryce Girard really didn't think too much about the cross country or track scene.

"He just came out really because his friends came out," said Kristi Mize, who is the girls' cross country and basketball coach. "That's what makes his story so great."

Because Girard has seen four different boys coaches in the past four years, Mize has seen him develop from running with an unusual bouncy form during his 9th grade year to one of the best runners in the district heading into his senior year.

His cross country and track career has included a trip to state his sophomore year, as well as the most recent achievement of setting a new personal record (4:37) in the mile run (1600 meters).

"Every time I get on the track or go for a run, it's kind of just like a stress reliever for me," Girard said. "Especially on long runs, whenever I go, I get my pace and forget everything that's going on around me."

Girard would prefer to attend his favorite university -- Baylor. However, he plans on attending Texas A&M because of his full-time veterinary aspirations at one school.

Until then, he'll keep perfecting his athletic craft, and displaying sportsmanship at the end of each race.

"When he finishes a race, he finishes in first, and then he shakes everybody's hand as they come through," Mize said. "So, he's a very impressive young man."