Classroom Champions: China Spring's Malori Brown

CHINA SPRING, Texas (KWTX) In the world of shooting, China Spring's Malori Brown is a rockstar.

"I've gone everywhere from the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs to Fort Benning, where the Army marksmanship unit shoots, to Camp Perry, Ohio, to Rotan in Mexico in the middle of nowhere."

Brown is heading to West Virginia on scholarship because she's one of the top shooters in the nation and has been for a number of years. What's unique about that is she's almost entirely self taught.

"Trial and error basically," Brown said. "You do what feels right and you pick stuff up along the way you go to a match and hear somebody say well this is what I do and you're like oh I'll try that when I get home, you figure out what works for you and what doesn't. I practice anywhere from an hour to two hours a day and most of my weekends are consumed with matches."

Brown has won numerous state titles, competed nationally in some of the top competitions in the nation, she's been honored by the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Army, and yet her drive to be the best shooter in the nation hasn't changed.

"If something doesn't work you can't just give up you have to try something else you've got to keep going and so just doing what you love to do it's not work."

"Brown is also outstanding in the classroom and in her community. She ranks 2nd in the senior class at China Spring. She has a passion for science."

"I hope to become a physician's assistant, they have a class where you perform on cadavers where as you don't normally do that until you get to medical school so there's that, and then the forensics department is one of the best in the nation the FBI when their system breaks down they go to West Virginia."

She also has a passion for helping others and has been doing so for years through several different organizations in the China Spring area.