Classroom Champions: Clifton's Jackson Phillips

CLIFTON, Texas (KWTX) Jackson Philips is a busy guy. In addition to playing football, golf, and baseball, the Clifton senior also runs tack and above all else is ranked second in his class, and has been accepted to Baylor where he plans to major in biology in hopes to one day become an orthodontist.

“Both my parents went to Baylor,” said Jackson. “My mom ran track at Baylor and my dad is now a family practitioner and he went to Baylor. You know I’ve always loved the campus having grown up going to football and baseball games there.”

Jackson also enjoys giving back to the community. In the past he has served at elementary field day, as well as Relay for Life and vacation bible school.

“This community has done so much for us,” said Jackson. “All you have to do is go look back at the state championship. All those people in the stands you know. They have been supporting us since day one so that’s the least we can do.”

While Jackson’s main goal right now is to help get the Clifton baseball team back to the state championship game, head coach Brain Slater is impressed with how well Jackson can juggle so many things at once.

“He's just a hard worker no matter what he does obviously,” said Slater. “Whether it’s playing sports or in the classroom. He’s taking care of his business and he’s a great example for everyone to look up to.”