Classroom Champions: Clifton's Stephanie Schmidt

CLIFTON, Texas (KWTX) Clifton High School senior Stephanie Schmidt will do whatever is necessary to make others around her better.

The former 19-3A First Team All-District member played shortstop as a junior, but didn't hesitate to switch to second base when head coach Sam Ledlow made the request.

"This year, I told her she was going to be an outfielder," Ledlow said. "She embraced that, stepped up and did exactly what we needed her to do in the outfield. She's always been that type of a kid that's very coachable and has a good attitude with whatever she does."

Stephanie has five older siblings -- all of them brothers, so she's always had somebody to look up to. But whether it's in softball, volleyball or cheerleading, that leadership role is reversed.

"None of my brothers are very athletic," Schmidt said. "They were always into acting and stuff like that, so I wanted to be different than them.

"I want to be a good role model to the juniors below me because there's a lot of them. I try to show them how act and how to lead."

An Academic All-State member, Stephanie is ranked 11th in her class, is a member of National Honor Society and participates in FFA, focusing on public relations and nursery landscape.

"She's been good about managing her time, being on top of her schoolwork, and having a good attitude," Ledlow said. "She's always wanting the best out of everything and demands excellence out of any athlete or student. She wants everyone to succeed, not just for herself being her senior year, just all throughout high school she's wanted success for everyone and not just herself.

Stephanie will be attending McLennan Community College after graduation and prefers the following academic step to be at Texas Tech.