Classroom Champions: Clifton's Sutton Finney

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CLIFTON, Texas (KWTX) Last spring, Sutton Finney, competed in the state track and field meet.

Clifton High School watched her compete on a live stream, cheering her on to earn a silver medal in the pole vault.

"Getting to see all those people watch you go through something that you've worked so hard for and then feel just as proud of you as you are for yourself was the best feeling ever," said Sutton.

Her track coach, Ryan Hunt, says Sutton tends to make fans pretty easily.

"You know everybody likes her, she's just a good person and fun to be around," said Ryan Hunt.

Sutton participated in five sports at Clifton; track, cross country.. basketball, cheerleading, and lastly powerlifting. Powerlifting is where her dad became her coach.

"You get to coach a kid like Sutton very rarely and when it's your own kid it makes it even more fun," said Brent Finney.

Like high school seniors everywhere, Sutton's time as a Clifton student-athlete was cut short, but she is proud of what she accomplished.

"There was so much that I got to experience and I'm so lucky whether or not it ended out the way I wanted it to, I still have a lot of things that I'm really thankful for.

Sutton is about to graduate near the top of her class, with a 4.89 GPA.
She'll head to Hardin Simmons in the fall. She eventually wants to become a physical therapist that works with athletes.