Classroom Champions: Connally's Gaylon Glynn

WACO, Texas (KWTX) Connally High School senior Gaylon Glynn has helped the Cadets football team to a 3-1 record so far. But the quarterback is also leading himself to a top-10 finish come graduation.

"A lot of it is self-motivation," Glynn said. "I want a lot for myself and I want the best for myself. I think that comes from my mom and my grandpa. They've given me a lot of the tools I have right now."

Gaylon is also a part of National Honor Society, FCA and spends time volunteering with kids.

"CIA is Cadets in Action," Glynn said. "On Fridays, early in the morning before we get the day started, we go to the elementary schools and read with the kids and talk with them. It's a pretty good experience to be around younger kids, and they look up to you."

"He's one of the most kind-hearted kids I've ever met," Connally Career Tech English teacher Danielle MacDonald said. "Meeting his family, you can definitely tell that it comes from his upbringing. He would go out of his way to help other people."

As far as his future goes, he still wants to play football. He's hoping for North Texas or Abilene Christian, but Southern Nazarene and Southwest Baptist are strong suitors before he eventually finds his way into a health-related job.

"For the longest time I thought I was going to be an astronaut," Glynn said. "Around the sixth grade, it was something I really wouldn't see myself doing, so I thought I'd stay with the sports kind of thing, and also go into medical. I want to go into sports medicine."