Classroom Champions: Hubbard's Robert Cormier Jr.

HUBBARD, Texas (KWTX) Hubbard senior Robert Cormier Jr may be our busiest classroom champion to date.

“I’m in FCA, UIL academics,” said Cormier Jr. “Math, science, number sense, and then this year I’m doing accounting as well. I played tennis freshman year but I didn't have time for that.”

In addition to those things, the Hubbard valedictorian, is a five sport athlete. Playing football, basketball, baseball, track and powerlifting. And somehow he also finds the time to be a part of the crew for UIL one act play.

“I don't go up on the stage, I’m not big on being up in front on of crowds,” laughed Cormier Jr. “But seeing like the group and being able to help out doing the lights. I've gotten to learn how to do that. Using the light boards. It's just fun to watch everybody do the plays and see all of their performances.”
It's that selfless and willing to help his classmates is what has caught the eye of his coaches and teachers, even more than his athletic ability.

“He does compete, it doesn't make any difference what it is,” said Hubbard Head Football Coach and Athletic Director Russell Anderson. “And I mean if we threw a checker board down, he would get after it playing checkers. But the thing that he left out is how selfless he is. I mean he really cares about his teammates and he really cares about the school. And he really cares about the one act play people. He epitomizes work ethic.”

That work ethic has not only lead him to being number one in his class, but also a semifinalist for the national merit scholarship, and a possible future as nuclear engineer.

“RJ could pick any job that he wants and he will be successful at it,” said Anderson. “I mean he's just that type of guy. His work ethic. His intelligence. I've been in this for 30 years, and he made a 35 on his ACT test. That’s by far the highest of any kid I had ever hear of.”