Classroom Champions: Jonesboro's Hannah Isom

Hannah Isom is a girl who stands out in many ways. The Jonesboro High School senior is ranked third in her class, is a three-sport athlete, and isn't afraid to dream big. That's a fact that evident when she reveals her future job of choice.

"President. Definitely President of the United States."

Pretty impressive. At Jonesboro, Isom has made a name for herself with her book smarts and her athletic talent; she excels at track, cross country and basketball.

"We don't have enough time in practice to get as good as she is. That comes from doing extra work, and that's what it takes to be champion. And she know that, and realizes that," said her coach Chris Ashby.

Her principal, Kendra Gustin, has noticed Hannah's drive as well.

"Anything that she sets her mind to, she is going to reach for the top of it."

Hannah is also involved in One-Act Play, and Jonesboro's UIL Academic Team. And with her success, comes some attention at the tight-knit, 1A school.

"It means a lot to know that other kids are looking to me as a good example, and I want to set the best example I can" said Isom. "I've had little kindergartners even come up to me in the cafeteria in the mornings and just tell me that they want to be like me when they get into high school.

When it comes to college, Hannah is looking at several schools, including Texas A&M, Texas Tech and NYU. She's shooting for a double major in Political Science and Economics, and already has plans to run for our nation's highest office come 2036.

"I figure if I shoot as high as I can go, then I can't content myself with being less than I can be."