Classroom Champions: Lorena's Alana Armstrong

Lorena High School senior Alana Armstrong is already in the school's record books for three different track events -- the 800 meter, long jump and triple jump. But the most important milestone she wants is to make a difference in the lives of children.

"I really love PALS, NHS and being able to impact the younger kids. I also love going on mission trips with my church to Peru every summer and translate for the doctor there, and also teach the kids English, which is something I like to do," said Armstrong.

The bilingual Armstrong is ranked fifth in her class. Her subject of choice is rare, but her positivity is common.

"My favorite subject is Spanish, and my best subject is Spanish. I've always had the want to learn it since I've wanted to go to Peru for so long, so I've really strove to become bilingual."

And her basketball coach, Rodney Gee, has plenty of great things to say about one of his standout players.

"I don't think anybody can say anything mean about her because she's nice to everyone. We talked about that the other day, about being humble and kind, and that describes who she is. Humble person, works really, really hard all the time. Just kind to everyone and nice to everyone.

Armstrong has been a starter on the basketball team her junior and senior years, a regional golf team member, and besides those personal track records, she also made state as a freshman in the triple jump and won a bronze medal in the 800.

"When she was a freshman, she started joining us in summer league and you could tell right there that she was a great athlete and she would be conscientious of being really, really good. The first time we saw her on the track we could tell she could be something special," said Gee.

And Gee has certainly had an effect on the Lorena senior.

"Coach Gee tells us every day that you're just trying to be better than you were the day before. That's just something that I think about every day, just be a better person than I was before, a better player than I was before, just better than I was yesterday.