Classroom Champions: Mart's Colton Bennett

MART, TX (KWTX) Colton Bennett is an FFA officer, a member of the FCA, and plays football and basketball, but he also spend lots of time out on the golf course.

Or in his case of this week, right outside Mart High School practicing with his favorite golf club - the pitching wedge.

When Bennett isn't working to stay atop of his class, the lefty is out swinging a golf club. After playing golf for the first time as a six-year old, he fell in love with the sport -- but not so much the search for proper equipment.

"It's challenging being left-handed in a sport like golf because it's harder to find equipment like clubs, (and) gloves especially," Bennett said. "That's the biggest challenge for me but other than that, I'm fine with it."

The All-Region golfer is an outstanding student in math, English, history and science subjects. He knew a while back that Texas A&M would be his university of choice.

"Both of my parents went to A&M, my sister just graduated from there, and so I kind of fell in love with A&M when I was little and knew that it was the school I wanted to go to," Bennett said. "Especially when I got older and started researching their kinesiology department, I was like, 'That's the school I want to go to.'"

"I've been at Mart now for 16 years," said Mart golf coach Landry Williams. "I've coached golf for 12 of those. I've coached football, basketball, and pretty much everything here. It's kids like Colton that keep you coming back. He's a special kid, we've had a lot of special kids come through here and that's kind of what wakes you up in the morning is kids like that."