Classroom Champions: McGregor's Hailey Burgess

MCGREGOR, Texas (KWTX) McGregor High School senior Hailey Burgess' time-management skills are in the elite tier among her classmates. Not only does she juggle playing basketball, volleyball and softball, but she's also a cheerleader and a member of the band.

"My parents are always pushing me. That's how I am, too," Burgess said. "Here and there, they'll be like, 'Relax and take breaks in between so you're not rushing things with school and sports.'"

She had no choice but to rest for a bit during the volleyball season because of an injury that almost kept her out of McGregor's last match. However, the risk of playing at 50-70% was worth it to be out on the court with her teammates one last time.

"She's just one of those kinds of kids that will constantly strive and constantly give her best effort. I admire her ability to juggle all the things that she does to become a well-rounded person."

Hailey is ranked just outside the top 10 in her class, and also takes part in activities like FCA and school clubs.

"I think it makes her more mature," McGregor coach and teacher Bryan Bowling said. "In a sense, just the kind of kid she is being involved in that makes her more ready for college. She's really emotionally mature and is able to handle all of those things."

After spending her entire life as a resident of McGregor, she plans on majoring in radiology at her university of choice, but is still deciding between Tarleton State and Texas State.

"I like Tarleton because it's like family. When I visited there, it felt like home," Burgess said. "I feel like I could go there and feel comfortable. Texas State kind of felt the same way, and I like San Marcos, too. It's pretty."