Classroom Champions: Midway's Jeremy Bellert

WACO, Texas (KWTX) Midway High School senior Jeremy Bellert loves soccer. The Panthers defender picked up the sport in the fourth grade.

"I guess it's just the simplicity of the sport, how you could just come together and kick a ball," Bellert said. "Then it turns into a game where you have scores and stuff. I found it very fun."

Jeremy is ranked in the top 10% of his class and is also an Eagle Scout, which allows him to build benches at Waco Family Health Centers for people waiting on rides.

A member of the Business Professionals of America, Jeremy attended a national competition with his team last year.

"That was a great accomplishment because it wasn't something we were expecting to do," Bellert said. "We actually made it all the way to nationals in programming a game."

Programming is something that has piqued Jeremy's interest. He plans on majoring in cyber security whenever he attends college.

"I always found it interesting because my brother started going into cyber security, but he went the gaming route," Bellert said. "The gaming route seems fun, but this just seems like a lot more actual work, like getting into it and figuring out how to help people."