Classroom Champions: Rogers' Maddie Hare

"Everyone wants to be a person like Maddie."

That praise, delivered by Maddie Hare's volleyball coach Stacy Rogers, is high praise for any student, but when you take a look at the Rogers senior's credentials, it makes sense. She's ranked number one in her class, is an all-district volleyball and basketball player, and a state silver medalist in the mile relay.

"She's very well rounded, she's a good student, she's a good athlete, but she's also a good person. To me, she's the total package young person. One of our future leaders who we're all going to be proud of someday," said Hare's basketball and track coach Loyd Morgan.

She's a perfectionist. If her sets aren't where see wants them to be, she'll stay after practice and she'll practice on her sets. 'She'll be like, coach Rogers, can I stay and work some more on setting,'" said Rogers. "I mean, she's just determined."

Outside of school, Maddie like to spend time with friends and family, and also horses. She's excelled as a barrel racer the last several years. But her affinity for horses stretches beyond that. In fact, in the future she wants to be an equine vet.

"Just because I've grown up my entire life around animals. Whether it's dogs, cats, horses, chickens, or whatever. And I love it a lot, so I just really want to continue being around those animals and help them out," said Maddie.

After she's finished at Rogers, Maddie plans on going to Texas A&M to pursue her veterinary dreams, and until then, she'll continue to be role model at Rogers High.

"I always try to be positive, especially when I play athletics, I try to have a positive attitude and be encouraging to other people."