Classroom Champions: Salado's Haley Howton

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SALADO, Texas (KWTX) When it comes to Haley Howton, the mention of Disney princesses is no real surprise.

"I think Disney has been a part of Haley's life forever, as far as I can remember," said Salado High School cheerleading coach Charla Kelly.

"She really likes going on Disney Cruises (and) she's into Disney characters," said Randall Simpson.

Haley even takes time to blog about her Disney vacations, and her adventures have certainly had a big effect on her future plans.

"I want to work on the Disney Cruise Lines as a communication officer," said Howton.

But don't think her life is all fantasy. Her achievements are very real. She's got a 4.0 GPA and has spent the last four years as a Salado cheerleader. She's also involved in FCA, NHS and Student Council, just to name a few.

"Making time for all of it is knowing in the morning I need to focus on my class, and in the afternoon I've got cheer practice," Howton said. "After that, I probably need to do my homework and then start all over again. I need to know my process and learn how to split it up."

To top it all off, she spends many of her weekday mornings in Temple at the Texas Bioscience Institute.

"She's unafraid of challenges. She'll take on any challenge and overcome," said Simpson.

"By doing this, I have the chance of going to Baylor with my Associate's Degree, and I'm hoping, because I'll be two years ahead, I can go and be part of the Disney College Program. I know, more Disney," said Howton.

With foresight like that, the aspiring Baylor Cheerleader won't need to wish upon a star to ensure her success.