Classroom Champions: Salado's Piper Randolph

Published: Feb. 18, 2020 at 10:52 PM CST
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Piper Randolph is a leader on the softball field. The Salado team captain has been an all-district performer three times in her career and is gunning for her fourth selection to the team this year. But Randolph believes she is more than just leader in her athletic career.

“I like to take the responsibilities on me and I like to think that people would want to follow me,” said Randolph. “And I think that kind of goes in the classroom too. And try to help people out.”

Because even though Randolph’s athletic abilities have given her the opportunity to go to Texas State on a full ride softball scholarship, she has even bigger plans for her future.

“I really want to pursue either being a trauma surgeon or a medical attorney,” said Randolph. “So you have to have pretty good grades to get in to med school or law school.”

Randolph is no stranger to good grades. She currently ranks sixth in her class in Salado, is in the national honor society, and math honor society. When she is not on the field or running track, she also volunteers with leadership Salado. But at the end of the day, Randolph may have learned the most lessons on the diamond.

“Just working with other people in a team sport is important,” said Randolph. “And learning all of those things and being able to work with other people. You're going to like people, you're going to not like people. But I think being able to handle diversity and adversity has helped a lot in sports.”