Classroom Champions: Temple's Gunnar Coley

TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) Gunnar Coley is a man of many talents. In addition to being ranked 18th in his class of 471, this Temple senior placed first in district last year in the 110 meter hurdles. Coley is aiming higher this year.

“Ultimately I would like to get to the state track meet, that would be ideal,” said Coley. “But that will definitely be a challenge with the district and the region we're in now.”

While it is clear that Coley is talented athletically he is also talented musically. Coley plays cello in the orchestra band, piano in the jazz band, and just recently started a jazz and rock band with his friends.
The band, named ‘Telluric’ was formed by Coley and three other Temple students in the Temple high school jazz band. Coley plays guitar, writes music, and performs throughout the Temple community.

“We are definitely pushing ourselves to try and get out there,” said Coley. “Just within the past month we got on Apple Music and Spotify. So we are definitely trying to get out there and get ourselves heard.”

Coley plans to continue playing music when he goes to the University of Utah after high school where he will study mechanical engineering. He said he chose the university because after living in Utah for a time, he came to love the mountains and the outdoors. His passion for the outdoors turned into another personal achievement when summited Mount Kilimanjaro in December of 2017, a feat not many high schoolers can say they've done.

“When the sun finally rose up it was definitely like a spiritual experience,” said Coley. “Finally seeing the sun and having the warmth. And seeing the clouds. You’re in the clouds up there.”