Classroom Champions: Valley Mills' Chase Keeton

VALLEY MILLS, Texas (KWTX) As much fun as it is being a four-sport athlete, Chase gives as much effort in the classroom as he does in athletics.

"Since Chase has been at Valley Mills, it's something he takes very seriously," Eagles head coach Sam Moody said. "He knows everything he does in the classroom affects him in life. He knows that keeping his grades up and making that his first priority really is going to get him where he needs to go before athletics does."

Chase is ranked eighth in his class. Along with basketball and track duties, the future MCC baseball player is also a Valley Mills student council senior class representative, a member of the National Honor Society, PALS and team leadership Waco.

"Team Leadership Waco is a once-a-month thing," Keeton said. "Every first Monday of the month, we get to go around town, learn about business, learn about the city and culture, how to become a leader in our community and how to take stuff from the next step and make it even greater."

The most rewarding part for him at Valley Mills may be all the time he spends with his father, Shane, who is a football and baseball coach at the school.

"We want him to become a good young man," Shane Keeton said. "That's his choice all by himself. That's his goal, that's who he wants to be, and that makes us proud."

"It's not really about me, it's more about the team," Chase Keeton said. "From my perspective, if the team can do good, I'll be happy."