Classroom Champions: Vanguard's Uriel Ibarra

WACO, Texas When Uriel Ibarra isn't focused on piano, he's either playing basketball, or running. The Vanguard cross country team captain also maintains a 4.0 GPA.

"I set high standards for myself,” said Ibarra. “My parents have also pushed me to strive for greatness. I've always wanted to go to a top university and study what I'm passionate about."

Texas and Stanford are a couple of the universities on his radar, but he's striving for a biology degree at Rice University. Until then, he'll continue with FCA, Latin and Chemistry clubs, as well as National Honor Society.

"He's always able to find that inner drive that will allow him to do the thing he's trying to do, and happily,” said Katie James, Vangaurd’s Head of Performing Arts. “Without complaint, without being frustrated or any of the things that you see often, especially in a teenager trying to figure out their way in the world."