Classroom Champions: Vanguard's Andy Cox

WACO, Texas (KWTX) When Vanguard senior Andy Cox isn't prancing into your hearts with his pep rally performances, he's either playing football, or using his gift of critical thinking.

The winner of the Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology is looking for a future in computers. Baylor and Texas A&M could be a preferred next step, but his top choice is the Air Force Academy.

"I would love to be able to have the opportunity to serve my country and also do what I love to do, and that's helping people and working with computers," Cox said. "That's something I've also picked up in my past time."

"This kid is always thinking. He's always trying to do his best," Vanguard football head coach Zach Seifert said. "He will do everything and anything to do his best.

"We give him pretty detailed scouting reports and by the next day, he knows exactly what to do, and he does it."

At 6-2, the Vanguard football players can't get the winning thoughts out of their heads. It surely could explain the ever-so-slight delay to the memory of their pep rally dance routine.

But the crowd gave the Vikings a 10 all-around anyway.

How could you not give dancing kids with Santa hats a perfect score?

How could you also not enjoy a food conversation with this 4.0 GPA student?

"If I had one meal to eat, it'd probably be the best food possible," Cox said. "I wouldn't know what that is, but I'll find it out when I have a chance to eat it."

"It went on for about an hour of just telling Andy, 'Hey, you can only pick one,'" Seifert said. "We just couldn't get him to pick one. If you're stuck on a desert island and you only got one thing to eat, he couldn't just come up with one answer."

Andy replied, "Well, if it's the best food in the world, how am I supposed to know until I've tried it?"