Classroom Champions: Vanguard's Kylie Rogers

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 4:02 PM CST
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Kylie Rogers likes to try new things. The Vanguard senior is a standout in track, cross country and volleyball, but she also is a student council representative, a student ambassador, a leader in Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a member of team leadership Waco and the Waco symphony belles.

"You can do pretty much involved in anything at Vanguard but that's also just my attitude towards things," Rogers said. "I like to be involved. I like to get to know people. I just like staying busy."

That willingness to stay busy and stay involved has driven her to add one more extracurricular activity this year.

"I'm also taking up basketball this year. (I) haven't done it since eighth grade, so this should be interesting."

That curiosity and eagerness to head toward the unknown is what has her planning to attend Colorado State University with the hope of becoming a veterinarian.

"It's been really neat because she wants to go kind of into animal science," Michaela McCown said. "We do dissections with my freshmen every year and she's come back and even though she's not in my class she'll come and just do the dissections to just get more experience and just better develop her expertise in that area."

"Helping animals is one of the things that interests me and also I just like knowing how things work," Rogers said. "I like to know how everything is connected. Like what things can't we cut away?"

At the end of the day, sports are her one true escape.

"Athletics to me is a very big stress reliever because at Vanguard things can get pretty hard, especially with the homework load that's here and all the classes that I'm taking," Rogers said. "I always make sure to get all my homework done and then I just get to relax and get to do whatever I want during sports."