Classroom champions: Hubbard's Caydyn Gillham

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HUBBARD, Texas (KWTX) Hubbard senior Caydyn Gillham looks like he should be crowned him homecoming king already.

With a crown of golden hair that glistens in the sun, he's a sports god destined for high school royalty.

All-state in football and all-district in five other sports, he'd rather not spend one more minute in the library surrounded by books.

"I don't like schoolwork," he said.

No wonder his GPA hasn't gotten any higher in 13 years.

"Not perfect, right," he said with a laugh.

By the very nature of high school sports, most athletes expect their grades to take a hit during the season. Not much, but enough to make a difference on the final report card.

Which is why football coach Russell Anderson says most people are stunned to find out how it affects his star player.

"He's not perfect, by any means, like any kid," Anderson said.

Although he's one of the busiest athletes at Hubbard, over the past 13 years, ever since kindergarten, Caydyn has never gotten any grade on a report card worse than an A.

"No, never had a B. A-minus, yeah, but not a B," he said.

Obviously, Caydyn is doing something right. Many things.

In fact, just asking his coach to find one flaw was a challenge.

Anderson paused for several seconds before admitting he couldn't think of anything.

Coach Anderson also admitted he hasn't had many players like Caydyn; kids who work so hard at everything, they really are almost perfect.

"He's close," Anderson said with a laugh. "He's close."

But what encourages Anderson most is that Caydyn feels like he's got a lot of room to grow.

"I'm not reaching the fullest of my potential really," Gillham said.

"He's just a good kid. He's a good young man and he'll be a great leader, great father whatever he does," Anderson added.

Whatever he does, chances are he'll be pretty perfect.