Fight forces officials to end La Vega's game against Liberty-Eylau in third quarter

TEXARKANA, Texas (KWTX) As first reported by the Texarkana Gazette, the game between La Vega and Liberty-Eylau got out of hand on more than just the scoreboard.

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The Gazette reporting on Friday (10/4) that the game between the Pirates and the Leopards was called in the third quarter due to a brawl that broke out between the two teams after a Leopards touchdown.

The Pirates were leading the game 49-6 when both benches cleared, and local authorities came onto the field to help sort out the situation.

The teams were eventually separated and sent off the field before the game was called by the officials.
It is unclear how the fight started or if any injuries were sustained.

It is also unclear at this time if the University Interscholastic League will rule this game as a win for the Pirates or a double forfeit.

KWTX Sports has reached out to the La Vega coaching staff, but they are also unsure of what the UIL’s decision will be regarding the game.