Football teams get boot camp experience on Fort Hood

FORT HOOD, Texas (KWTX) An intense wake up call for the Killeen and Harker heights football teams this morning as they were treated to a mock boot camp on Fort Hood.

“It was great,” said Killeen Jr. Brandon Fox. “My whole life, I've grown up in the Army lifestyle, but I've never been out there doing it with them. And I kind of like getting yelled at and having fun.

You better believe Fox and the rest of the ball players were yelled at plenty. Screams of ‘Yes Drill Sergeant’ rang throughout the training area.

Teams were greeted by Lieutenant General Paul Funk, and then put through drills testing their strength, endurance, and team work

“As a team it built a lot of courage, definitely discipline,” said Fox. “They were kind of pushing us with that in the beginning. Like stay disciplined and I'm really hoping we bring that to the field next season.”

Teamwork is the main lesson Sergeant 1st Class Leroy Betts wanted to teach when he started this boot camp three years ago with just Harker Heights' participation.

“Overall what they are going to take from here today is just to understand how hard it is to do what they are doing, but how easy it is for them to come together and make sure they get it done,” said Sgt. Betts.

With Killeen joining for the first time this year, Betts has bigger plans for the future.

“Hopefully next year we'll be able to get the entire school district out here to compete,” said Sgt. Betts. “I think that would be awesome for the kids.”
In addition to the drills, players were also given tours of helicopters and tanks and treated to a standard boot camp meal, which lasts about 15 minutes.

In the first annual competition, Killeen came away with the victory for best overall team.