Former BU coach Dave Bliss resigns from SW Christian University

Dave Bliss, who was at the forefront of one of the biggest scandals in Baylor history, is out of a job once more.

Bliss resigned as the head basketball coach at Southwestern Christian University on Monday. He served as their head coach last season.

Bliss was head coach of the Bears when Patrick Dennehy was murdered by teammate Carlton Dotson. He resigned in 2003.

University President Dr. Reggies Wenyika had this to say in a release today.

“I accepted Coach Bliss’ resignation earlier today and our prayers and wishes are with him as he transitions," Dr. Wenyika said. "I have tasked a committee with commencing an immediate search and making a final recommendation for a new head coach to the Athletic Director and me.

"As president, I would like to reiterate the University's commitment to ensuring the success of our student athletes on and off the field or court and look forward to the next participation season with new leadership in our men's basketball program.”

The resignation came just days after a documentary on the scandal, “Disgraced,” aired Friday night on Showtime.

“Disgraced” revisits the 2003 murder of Dennehy, a University of New Mexico transfer who was reported missing on June 19, 2003.

His decomposed body was found more than a month later on July, 25, 2003 near gravel pits south of the campus that were previously searched without success.

He had been shot twice in the head.

Dotson was arrested in Maryland four days before the remains were discovered, after he told FBI agents he thought people were trying to kill him because “he is Jesus, the Son of God,” according to court documents.

He told the agents that he and Dennehy went to the gravel pits on June 11, 2003 for target practice with the two guns he had purchased for protection.

He told the agents that Dennehy pointed a gun at him and when it jammed, Dotson said he fired at his friend.

He then went home, packed his belongings, and drove home to Maryland, throwing the gun into a lake along the way.

He was later committed to a state hospital in Vernon after a court-appointed psychiatrist said he “consistently appears to be hallucinating” and needed medication at a psychiatric hospital.

In January 2005, he was judged competent to stand trial, but then that June, he unexpectedly pleaded guilty to the murder, and was sentenced to 35 years in prison, half of which he must serve before he’s eligible for parole.

The murder ultimately revealed a scandal in the men’s basketball program that led to stiff self-imposed sanctions, a ban from postseason competition in 2003-2004 and the resignations of Bliss and athletic director Tom Stanton.

The program was buffeted by a string of accusations including allegations that Bliss paid Dennehy’s tuition and living expenses while the player was on the team, but not on scholarship; that Dennehy received an excessive discount on a Tahoe he purchased locally after receiving the money for the down payment from an assistant; that coaches regularly handed out $50 to $100 at a time to players; and that players including Dotson and Dennehy used marijuana regularly and cheated on drug tests.

Assistant coach Abar Rouse blew the lid off the scandal after he secretly recorded the coach asking teammates and staff to paint Dennehy as a drug dealer, in an effort to cover up the illegal payments.