Former Lady Bears coach will be in the stands to cheer Baylor on

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) The former head coach of the Lady Bears who also coached Kim Mulkey at Louisiana Tech before passing the reins to her at Baylor is headed to the NCAA Women’s Final Four this week in Florida to cheer on a team she thinks can bring home a title.

Sonja Hogg. (Courtesy photo)

Sonja Hogg coached at Baylor from 1994 to 2000 and now works in the vice president’s office, but she remains a fan, attending games at home and crisscrossing the country to follow the team, as well.

“I can't explain it,” Hogg said. “It's just a great, great time.”

Hogg coached at Louisiana Tech from 1974-1985 where she won her first national championship with a freshman point guard from Hammond, La., named Kim Mulkey.

“I tell you, she made the difference.

“We'd been to a couple of Final Fours already and Kim came on board with us in 1980 at Louisiana Tech and we won our first championship that following spring,” Hogg said.

“She was the point guard and we went undefeated.”

Mulkey went on to join the staff at Louisiana Tech as an assistant from 1985-2000 and during that period the team advanced to seven Final Fours, winning the NCAA championship in 1988.

It’s a feat her former head coach still has a hard time wrapping her head around.

“That young lady has won a national championship as a player, an assistant coach and is going for a third one as a head coach. We are so proud of her.”

Mulkey took over for Hogg at Baylor in 2000, but Hogg’s interest in the team and its coach remains strong.

“I love Baylor University and of course have a strong attachment to our Lady Bears basketball and really have followed my kids so to speak in Kim.”

Hogg just returned from watching the Lady Bears win the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight rounds in North Carolina.

Wednesday she was unpacking and repacking in time to make it to Tampa Thursday.

“They’re young. They're excited. They're talented and you can just tell they love being coached and you can tell Coach Mulkey loves coaching them,” Hogg said.

“Their future is bright. With this group I see some more final fours in the horizon.”

Hogg says she’s excited about Friday night’s semifinal game between Baylor and Oregon and she hopes to see the Lady Bears bring home their third national title.

“I'm kind of nervous, too. As a spectator it's a little different than it was a coach. You still get a little uptight, but I’m enjoying it now and at my age retired from coaching, it's a joy. It's just a joy to watch this team.”