‘It happened so quick,’ Lady Bears manager says after close shave

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Four male Baylor athletic department staffers have new hairstyles or, in two cases, no hairstyles at all after issuing a friendly challenge to the Lady Bears ahead of the team’s national championship win in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament.

Alex Olson and Josh Shen. (Courtesy photo)

Junior Josh Shen, a team manager, and athletic trainer Alex Olson both promised to let team members decide on their hairstyles if the Lady Bears won, while Jeremy Mann, Baylor’s assistant director of fan engagement and his intern, Sam Hancock, agreed to go blonde if the team brought home the title.

Mann and Hancock got off light, so to speak.

Shen and Olson, however, let team members do their worst after the team’s annual appreciation banquet Monday night at the Ferrell Center.

“Honestly it happened so quick,” Shen said.

“It was done in three to five minutes, but I remember sitting on that chair and thinking ‘why did I do this? Why am I doing this? I’m losing all my hair.’”

Sheen, 20, is from California and has been a manger with the team for three years now making lofty bets with the players each year.

The first year he promised to buy a team meal, but the stakes were higher this year.

“Ever since freshman year, Lauren (Cox) and I have made a bet. Once the tournament starts I always make a bet with her just to incentivize her so I told her ‘if y’all win the natty, you get to cut my hair and do whatever you want to with it and everyone on the team gets to cut it as well.” he said.

“Lauren went right down the middle. She was the first one up,” Shen said laughing.

Shen told KWTX Tuesday that he left the Ferrell Center afterward and went straight to his usual barbershop for some after-hours repair work.

“Right now, I’m embracing it,” Shen said.

“And just really proud of this team. Who gets to say they’re a national champion?”