Killeen team enjoying a special baseball season

FLORENCE, Texas It's game day in Florence, Texas.

The Astros are playing against Jonathan Peterson's Rays. Refractory epilepsy and a brain abnormality make baseball a challenge for Jonathan, but the Rays' coaches and players love his presence.

MICHAEL PETERSON -- Jonathan's father {0:32-0:38}
"It's a great feeling to see how much fun he has with his teammates and how much fun he has playing the game. He has a pure love for the game. He talks about it all the time at home, how much he loves the game, how much he loves hitting home runs."

KATHRYN PETERSON -- Jonathan's mother {0:45-0:51}
"The kids have been phenomenal. The parents...You couldn't have asked for a better team or organization than what we've experienced this season."

At the start of each game, coach Burt Oliver asks the opposing team for permission to let Jonathan have an at-bat, round the bases and score, whether he hits the ball or not.

EMILY PETERSON -- Jonathan's sister {1:15-1:21}
"When he bats, sometimes he spins around when he's standing. I'm like, 'No, don't spin,' because it gets him off track."

"Coach Burt has been so patient, very quick to help and teach him. It also helps the kids on the team to understand special needs."

"Was that thunder that I heard?"

"No, it was not."


It wasn't thunder, but thanks to the Rays, he feels as quick as lightning running the basepaths.

Tyler Bouldin.


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