Lady Bear accustomed to winning plays big role in long-awaited loss

Lady Bear DiDi Richards provided a play-by-play as Lauren Cox tended to Callie’s tooth. (Courtesy image)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Lady Bears forward Lauren Cox led in rebounds and blocked shots, and was second in scoring, as the team marched to a national championship, but she’s also pretty adept when it comes to loose teeth.

She deftly extracted a front tooth this week from an 8-year-old camper who’s attending coach Kim Mulkey’s summer basketball camp.

The camper happened to be my oldest daughter, Callie.

Callie has taken part in Mulkey's camp every summer since she could barely walk, but she's been late in the game when it comes to losing tooth.

Tuesday night, following her second day of camp, Callie went to bed with her first "wiggly" front tooth.

When she woke up Wednesday morning it was barely hanging on and she begged me to pull it.

Now, I can do a lot of things as a mom, but pulling a tooth isn’t one of them, so I nicely told the Baylor staff Wednesday morning that I'd be more than happy for them to do the duties if they were able.

I didn’t expect to watch, but while in the KWTX newsroom I received a video of Lauren attempting the pull.

The first attempt was unsuccessful, but about an hour later I got a video of a second try that included a play-by-play from player DiDi Richards.

"Here we go, I'm documenting live from the weirdest camp in America," Richards joked as Cox, sterile glove on hand and all, reached in and pulled.

Cox is no stranger to medical situations as she's maintained her status as one of the best players in the country while also suffering from Type 1 Diabetes.

"Got it," Cox said as she proudly held up the front tooth.

Richards went wild for her teammate cheering and yelling, "Wow!"

Callie asked me when she went to bed if the tooth fairy might be able to bring her a national championship ring instead of money since Lauren, who led the team to a national championship which Callie witnessed with me in person in Florida, was behind the loss.

The tooth fairy, instead, brought a couple of bucks.