Lady Bears receive Lone Star salute

The national champion Lady Bears with Gov. Greg Abbott. (Courtesy photo)
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AUSTIN, Texas (KWTX) Baylor’s national champion Lady Bears were honored Wednesday at the Texas Capitol in Austin, just two days after visiting the White house.

"This was an educational opportunity to see how our laws were made and to receive recognition from the lawmakers in the state of Texas," head coach Kim Mulkey said.

The 2019 NCAA national champions arrived Tuesday morning in Austin where they met first with state Rep. Charles “Doc” Anderson, R-Waco, who had to stand on a coffee table to make eye contact with the players.

He told team members he and his constituents are proud of their accomplishments.

From there the team headed to a reception at the Capitol where members of the Senate and House were invited to mingle with the champs.

Gov. Greg Abbott met with the team in a hallway outside the reception area where he talked to the players about basketball and congratulated them on their stellar season.

He also presented the team with a resolution to mark the occasion.

The Lady Bears returned the gesture by presenting the governor with an autographed basketball and hat.

“It doesn’t get any bigger or better than winning a national championship,” Abbott said.

“It takes a tremendous amount of hard work and perseverance to win a title at this level and the state of Texas is so proud of them,” he said.

“I was honored to meet with these remarkable women and let them know that that they lived up to the Texas standard of exceptionalism. There is clearly no more exceptional team in the United States than the Baylor Lady Bears.”

The team then appeared on the floor of the House, where Anderson introduced them.

Baylor graduates who serve in the House congratulated them, as well.

Before leaving the chamber, Mulkey was presented with a gavel that was later engraved before she left.

The Lady Bears ended the morning by making an appearance on the Senate floor where nearly a dozen senators spoke about the team.

A number of them were also Baylor graduates but additional senators representing the home districts of players such as Lauren Cox and NaLyssa Smith also spoke.

The Lady Bears ended the day with a private tour led by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, two of whose children attended Baylor.